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Kevin approaches the Eiffel Tower on a crisp, spring day in Paris.

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Jean Schmitt presents Kevin with unearthed fragments of Sergeant Gellerman's aircraft. Schmitt is a farmer who works the land where Kevin's grandfather's plane was shot down. Historian Dr Jean-Pierre Ducellier joins Schmitt at the table.

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Kevin kneels at his grandfather's grave, located within the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial near St-Laurent sur Mer.

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Eric Dela Cruz gives a thorough oral history on the significance of the various decorations on Sergeant Gellerman's uniform.

Eric's thorough and well-versed description will be of interest to anyone interested in the history of that era.

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Crowd gathering ahead of the August 20, 2004 screening of Searching for Norman, held at the John R. Roach Center for the Liberal Arts on the campus of the University of St Thomas in St Paul, Minnesota.
Kevin Gellerman, Luke Taylor and Eric Dela Cruz field questions from the audience following the première screening of the documentary, August 20, 2004.
Luke Taylor holds the Best Documentary Nominee certificate, presented by the judges at the Wild Rose Independent Film Festival in Des Moines, Iowa.
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